Women’s Equality Day

Women's Equality Day 2016

Happy Women’s Equality Day, the only day of the year that women actually have equality.

Nah, I’m kidding. Women have come along way since they were treated as property or not allowed to own property, or vote, or drive, or show their ankles, or not show their ankles if they happen to live in France.

This week Zop and Zep got a new, official, full time cast member. I was going to make a more official introduction on Sunday (seriously, Lottie is badass. I knew we had to have her after her audition which blew me away and which you will get to see on Sunday), but I just couldn’t pass up doing this strip. A lot of the stuff on my Facebook feed has been about how people are “egalitarian” or”believe in equality for everyone” and I just kind of felt like those people needed to hear that they’re opinions are bad and they should feel bad.

Also it was pointed out to me that the webcomic had a distinct lack of female characters, which is hilarious because two of the cast are sentient-plantlike extraterrestrials who really don’t have a gender BECAUSE GENDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT CREATED BY HUMANS AND PROBABLY DOES NOT APPLY TO ACTUAL ALIENS (if they actually exist). You know, sometimes you have to face that fact that even though you say you’re a feminist, some of the stuff you do doesn’t reflect that. Never stop learning. And never get between Lottie and her daily run. Seriously, she will prove that women are superior if you try to do that.


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